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Latest Developments with our Shed


Updated January 30th 2017


We now have a questionnaire which we would like you to complete so that we can gain a better understanding of who would like to join the shed


We are now a registered Charity: Charity number SC 046611



Our Bank account is now up and running, so donations can now be accepted

to help with setting up our shed





Our fundraising events started with our informal 'get together' at St Colms and then there was a concert held at the Reel ( instigated by David Harvey which again boosted the coffers.  There was a quiz night at the West End Hotel on January 29th and the proceeds of that went to the Orkney Men's Shed - a fantastic boost of over 300

If you have any ideas for future fundraising events, please get in touch with one of the Steering Committee.


Following many meetings with VAO who have been tireless in their efforts to make sure our Shed will become a reality, the steering group would like to outline our position so far.  This will be updated regularly when further progress is made.

We have a Constitution in place which has been vetted and agreed.

We have an outline Business plan which will be added to when more information becomes available.

Preliminary meetings have taken place with a representative of Orkney Islands Council and the identification of what we require as suitable premises has been outlined.  We have identified a suitable building but this must obviously be agreed by the Members of the Council at a future meeting.

Following further meetings with the Council and having taken advice from many other sources, we are now actively pursuing the possibility of engaging in a Community Asset Transfer.  This is a relatively recent way of communities taking charge of redundant land or buildings for the benefit of the members of that community.

Our application for Asset transfer is now with the Council!


It would be very helpful at this early stage if anyone interested in becoming a Member of the Orkney Men's Shed could please email us to register your interest.

admin at orkney-mens-shed dot co dot uk  (please put the correct symbols in to make a valid email address to help prevent spam)




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